An insurance company, whether it is your own or that of the negligent party, will attempt to limit the amount it pays you. To get the compensation you deserve, you need the assistance of an experienced insurance claims lawyer.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

An insurance policy is a contract, but there is no guarantee that an insurance company will actually comply with the terms of the insurance policy. Sometimes this is simply the result of a mistake on the part of the insurance company. In many cases however, a company will knowingly and intentionally make decisions that are contrary to the duties and obligations they owe to you, their insured. The McDougall LawFirm, LLC has successfully represented many people in bad faith insurance claims such as these. Bad faith claims can result from an insurance company's handling of motor vehicle policies, life insurance policies, short and long-term disability policies, and any other type of insurance policies. At the McDougall LawFirm, LLC, we understand how to interpret complex policies and work tenaciously to pursue the compensation our clients deserve.

We handle cases involving all types of insurance litigation and disputes, including:

  • Automobile insurance claims.
  • Life insurance death benefits.
  • Workers' compensation claims.
  • Short-term disability claims.
  • Long-term disability claims.
  • Homeowners insurance claims.
  • Personal Injury Protection [PIP] claims.
  • Medical Payment [MedPay] claims.

Our firm will review your policy and claim with precision, looking for errors and excluded damages. We will pay particular attention to:

  • The language and terms contained within the policy.
  • The adjustment or evaluation procedures and settlement offers.
  • The claims handling procedures used by the company.

If necessary, we can call in a former insurance adjuster or other insurance expert who can provide guidance and insights regarding your policy coverage.

Litigation and Insurance Companies

In many personal injury and wrongful death cases, the actual opponent to the lawsuit is the negligent person's insurance company. Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses that maximize profits by fighting aggressively against all claims. You need an advocate who can stand up to the insurance companies and fight just as hard for you.

Get What You Deserve

The McDougall LawFirm, LLC has the knowledge and experience to represent your interests. Our careful research and analysis of our clients' cases often persuades insurance companies to settle and provide full and fair compensation to our clients. If it is in your best interests and necessary for your case, we will undertake the assertive litigation necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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