Beaufort County Magistrate Court

The Beaufort County Magistrates Court presides over both civil and criminal cases. The Magistrate Courts jurisdiction for civil cases is $7500.00 or less. The Magistrate Court also presides over Traffic & Criminal Court.


  • The Honorable Richard A. Brooks
  • The Honorable Robert E. Ferguson, Jr.
  • The Honorable Jose A. Fuentes
  • The Honorable Thomas A. Holloway
  • The Honorable Charles R. Keep, III
  • The Honorable Drew A. Laughlin
  • The Honorable Angela M. McCall-Tanner
  • The Honorable Jean K. McCormick
  • The Honorable Bernard . McIntyre
  • The Honorable Nancy D. Sadler
  • The Honorable LaShonda G. Scott
  • The Honorable Erin G. Vaux

Location & Contact Information

102 Rabat Road
Beaufort, SC 29902

Phone: 843-255-5850



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