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If you got injured or sick on the job in Beaufort, you could be eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits. It is, however, not simple to get a workers’ compensation award. Fortunately, hiring a skilled Beaufort workers compensation lawyer increases your chances of getting the benefits you are entitled to.

In our opinion, it is wise to ask for a legal opinion from your workers’ comp lawyer first before proceeding with your workers’ compensation case. Your lawyer will help you to review your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and evaluate all of your legal options.

At McDougall Law Firm, our compassionate and caring workers’ compensation lawyers will take the time to listen to you. We will handle the difficult aspect of your workers’ comp case.

We have successfully handled cases for clients in Beaufort. So, we will increase your chances of receiving the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call us at 843-438-4386 today to book your free initial consultation.

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What Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer Do?

A workers’ compensation lawyer ensures their clients get all the workers’ comp benefits they deserve, including medical benefits, lost wages, death benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and more. Read on to learn more about what a workers’ comp lawyer does:

Review Your Case

Your workers’ comp lawyer will meet with you to understand the details of your workplace injury or illness. They may have to scrutinize your workplace conditions and the equipment that you use. A lawyer must review your case to ensure you have a solid workers’ comp case.

Gather Evidence

Lawyers know what types of evidence to gather. And they know how to gather evidence. Your attorney will obtain your medical records to confirm the severity of your work-related injuries. They will interview potential witnesses.

Why? The testimonies of these witnesses will be invaluable.

File and Manage Claims

The workers’ comp claim process is time-consuming and often stressful. Why? Because it involves several forms and deadlines. Thankfully, a workers’ comp attorney will fill out and submit all the necessary paperwork on time.

Your lawyer will make sure you do not miss any deadlines.

Settlement Negotiation

A workers’ comp lawyer will deal with insurance companies. In fact, insurance companies will try to minimize your settlement. They can even intimidate you to accept their low settlement. It is best to let an experienced attorney handle settlement negotiation.

Your lawyer will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Represent You in Court

If negotiation fails, your workers’ comp attorney will take your case to court. Your lawyer will, therefore, prepare and present your case in court. They use the gathered evidence to demonstrate the legitimacy of your workers’ comp claim.

They can even cite previous case law and regulations to support your case.


However, if the insurance company denies your claim, your attorney might pursue an appeal. Your lawyer will follow the insurance company’s internal appeal process. Skilled lawyers know the rules of appealing.

That is why they are more qualified to fight for the settlement you are owed.

Beaufort Workers' Compensation Lawyer

What Is Eligibility for Workers’ Comp Benefits?

In Beaufort, SC, workers’ comp is no-fault. Therefore, if you become ill or get injured at work in Beaufort, you do not have to prove that your employer was at fault. You will only have to prove that your illness or injury is work related.

In addition, your employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance. If your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance, you might not be eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Remember, self-employed individuals and independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

If you want to know if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, consult with our workers’ compensation lawyer by calling 843-438-4386.

Can You Get Workers Compensation If You Are Injured While Working From Home?

As more and more companies have accepted the work from home model, there are some grey areas when it comes to process, procedure and benefits.  As an employee, you have the same rights and benefits as employees that work out of the corporate offices.  Workers Compensation is no different.  However, there are more complexities when discussing working from home workers compensation.

How McDougall Law Firm can help with your workers' compensation case

How Can We Help You with Your Workers Comp Case?

You need strong legal representation to ensure you receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. We will not only guide you through the workers’ comp claim process. We will also answer all of your questions.

With our team of workers’ comp attorneys and resources, we will make the process less stressful for you.

Investigate Your Case

We will utilize our extensive legal experience to investigate your workers’ compensation. So, we will visit your workplace, interview witnesses, and gather evidence.

The purpose of these thorough investigations is to help us build a solid worker’s compensation case on your behalf.

Document Your Injuries

We want to help you get the maximum compensation for your work-related injuries. We will, therefore, document your work-related injuries. How? We will make sure you see the right medical doctor immediately.

Your doctor will document your injuries. And we will prove how you were affected by these injuries.

Review Your Legal Options

It is easy to make the wrong decisions. Why? Once you report your workplace injury, the insurance company may rush you to make a decision. Do not rush to make a decision. You have to know your legal options.

We will review your legal options with you. We have your best interests at heart. So, we will help you make informed decisions.

Aggressive Representation

We have several years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims in Beaufort, South Carolina. We, therefore, know that your employer’s insurance company hires the best lawyers to fight your workers’ comp claim.

We are ready to fight for you. And we are aggressive when fighting for you.

Help You Avoid Mistakes

A simple mistake can ruin your workers’ compensation case. For example, if you miss a deadline or see the wrong doctor, you could lose your case. With our extensive experience, we can help you avoid these mistakes.

We will make sure that you file your workers’ compensation claim correctly.

Contact McDougall Law Firm to Help You File Your Workers’ Comp Claim

A workplace injury or illness can leave you with unexpected expenses, such as huge medical bills. You do not have to spend your savings on your medical bills. Why? In Beaufort, you might be eligible to seek compensation for your workplace injury or illness.

We, however, highly recommend hiring an experienced and reputable workers’ compensation lawyer to help you seek the maximum compensation you rightfully deserve. Lawyers have the experience, skills, and resources to recover maximum compensation on your behalf. Your lawyer’s job is to help you get your life back.

At McDougall Law Firm, we are experienced in handling workers’ compensation cases in Beaufort. We can help you determine whether you have a solid case to pursue compensation. If your claim has been incorrectly denied, we will file an appeal.

We will represent you in court, if necessary, to make sure you receive a fair settlement. Contact our knowledge knowledgeable Beaufort workers’ compensation lawyer by calling 843-438-4386 today.


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