Why Insurance Companies Are Not Really on the Victim’s Side

Many people find out the hard way that insurance companies are not their friend in time of need. After a personal injury accident, they rely on the insurer to accept their claim and offer a fair settlement. However, the only way of getting that is by hiring a Bluffton personal injury lawyer to pressure insurance companies into doing what is right.

The cold fact is that insurance companies are for-profit businesses and they always place their profit above people. Here are just a few ways in which their actions are against your best interests:

1. They Try to Make You Appear at Fault for Your Accident

The first thing that shows you that insurers are not on your side is the adjuster’s attempts to make you admit fault. If they can’t, they will try to prove your fault above the 51% threshold imposed by the South Carolina comparative negligence statute.

In this situation, you don’t have the legal right to seek damages and this would be the end of your claim. And even if they cannot bar you from filing a claim, by falsely increasing your percentage of fault, insurers make sure you will obtain a reduced compensation amount.

2. They Downplay Your Injuries and Pain

Insurance adjusters are extremely callous when they confront accident victims. They start by saying that they don’t look really in pain. They listen to the description of injuries and deem them as not being really serious.

This is a common tactic to justify a lowball settlement offer. And this is extremely hurtful for anyone who is in pain and worried about their chances of making a full recovery.

3. They Pressure You into Giving a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies always try to catch you in a vulnerable state and intimidate you into giving an official recorded statement about the accident. The adjuster will ask many misleading questions so that you end up confused and contradict yourself.

This is a very unethical practice, but all too common. With the statement in hand, the adjuster will then deny your claim. They will point out the inconsistencies they found and claim that they are the sign of a fraudulent claim.

an attorney is your only ally in a personal injury case

4. Keeping You under Surveillance

Many accident victims are shocked to find out that the insurance company assigned an adjuster or hired a private investigator to follow them. Sometimes, this surveillance includes installing cameras pointing towards your house or your place of work. In many cases, someone will follow you everywhere you go, trying to prove that you are lying about your injuries.

In this situation, you must hire a Bluffton personal injury lawyer to even the playfield. The attorney will listen to your description of the surveillance you are subject to and determine if it is lawful or if you can press charges for privacy violation.

5. Prolonging the Investigation of Your Claim

Finally, when they can find no reason to deny your claim, insurance companies will play the waiting game. They will continue investigating the claim, interrupting communication with you and delaying the final decision.

When it finally comes, it is a lowball offer. It is also the moment when the statute of limitations (2 years) for filing a lawsuit has almost expired. This leaves you with no other legal option than accepting the unfair settlement.

Let an Experienced Bluffton Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Your Claim!

The only person who fights for your rights and best interests after an accident is a Bluffton personal injury lawyer. Attorneys advocate for victims’ rights and know how to negotiate a fair settlement with insurance adjusters.

Also, personal injury lawyers at McDougall Law Firm work on a contingency fee basis – they get their fees only after winning the case. They have a vested interest to obtain the best result on your behalf.

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