At the McDougall LawFirm, a substantial percentage of our cases come to us from other attorneys. These cases result in a variety of relationships between the McDougall LawFirm and the attorneys who associate the McDougall LawFirm. Examples include Co-Counsel relationships where the firms share or split the responsibilities on the file, or as referrals to the McDougall LawFirm where we take the primary responsibility of handling the case.

While most often the McDougall LawFirm is associated because of our reputation and the positive results we have historically been able to obtain for our clients, we also work with attorneys from outside of the State of South Carolina who need local counsel admitted in South Carolina, or attorneys in other areas of South Carolina who associate us for our knowledge of the nuances of this region of the State.

In any event, we enjoy and look forward to working as co-counsel with other law firms or handling cases where the McDougall LawFirm takes the lead role. We are comfortable sharing of responsibility on cases, we are willing to take complete control over a case, and we are willing to tailor our involvement to the needs of co-counsel.

Over the years, we have had mutually beneficial relationships with some firms on a long term co-counsel basis, as well as working with the other firms on a case by case basis.

In each instance, we have been honored to work with other attorneys and other firms, and we have been able to make substantial contributions to each case, and each client.

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