Edisto Beach Municipal Court

The Edisto Beach Municipal Court operates as an autonomous entity within the town’s government, appointed by the Town Council and funded directly by the municipality.

Established in 1986, coinciding with the construction of Town Hall and the Fire Station, it is one of approximately 200 municipal courts in South Carolina. The court’s jurisdiction spans the entire town limits of Edisto Beach.

It adjudicates cases arising from municipal ordinances and offenses carrying fines not exceeding $500.00 or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days, or both, within the municipality.

Furthermore, certain state statutes extend the court’s jurisdiction to specific crimes, permitting punishments of up to one year imprisonment or a fine of $5,000, or both, upon solicitor petition and defendant agreement.

The Edisto Beach Municipal Court holds authority to conduct bench and jury trials, issue search and arrest warrants, set bail, conduct preliminary hearings, and cite individuals for contempt of court. However, it lacks civil jurisdiction.


  • Judge Morrison Payne

Location & Contact Information

2414 Murray St
Edisto Island, SC 29438

Phone: 843-869-2505



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