Tragic Beach Incident: Horry County Police Vehicle Strikes and Kills Woman – June 13, 2024

Tragedy on the Beach: A Somber Reminder for Summer Safety


In a heartbreaking incident that underscores the need for vigilance and safety, a woman tragically lost her life after being struck by an Horry County Police Department vehicle on a beach just south of Myrtle Beach on Thursday, June 13.

Incident Details

The tragic event occurred around 1:07 p.m. near Nash Street, close to the Springmaid Pier. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP), a 2020 Ford Ranger pickup truck was traveling northbound on Nash Street and entering the beach when it struck the victim, who was facing east.

The victim was swiftly transported to Grand Strand Medical Center, where she later succumbed to her injuries. The vehicle involved is registered to Horry County. The collision is still under investigation, and no charges have been filed at this time.

Eyewitness Accounts

Witnesses on the scene described the horrifying moment. One bystander recounted how the truck ran over the woman, pinning her beneath one of its wheels. Beachgoers immediately sprang into action, attempting to lift the police truck off her.  Another witness, vividly recalled the terror, noting that the woman’s scream was a chilling sound of pure fear and pain—a scream that captured everyone’s attention and prompted a collective rush to provide aid.

Horry County Police Vehicle Strikes and Kills Woman

Horry County Police Official Response

Due to the traffic-related nature of the incident, the Horry County Police Department directed all inquiries to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Following standard procedure, the police department will also conduct an internal investigation since an officer was involved. The Horry County Coroner’s Office has yet to release the victim’s name.

Safe driving

A Call for Safety

As we enter the busy summer months, this tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety, especially in high-traffic areas like beaches. The McDougall Law Firm strongly advises everyone to remain vigilant and cautious. Whether you’re driving or walking on the beach, always be aware of your surroundings to help prevent such devastating incidents.

Let us take this moment to reflect on the importance of safety and community, ensuring that such tragedies are prevented in the future. Our hearts go out to the victim’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.


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