Jasper County Probate Court

The Jasper County Probate Court is a court of record with exclusive original jurisdiction over various matters, including decedents’ estates, trusts, guardianships of adult incapacitated persons, conservatorships of minors and adult incapacitated persons, involuntary commitments of individuals with mental illness, intellectual disability, chemical dependency, and tuberculosis, as well as the issuance of marriage licenses.

Additionally, the Court has authority over the approval of certain wrongful death settlements.

Its responsibilities encompass appointing personal representatives, trustees, conservators, and guardians, conducting hearings and trials, informal proceedings, processing and admitting wills and other probate instruments, handling pleadings, motions, marriage licenses, and related applications, as well as maintaining public records concerning these matters.

In fulfilling its duties, the Probate Judge and Court staff are dedicated to providing courteous and effective public service in a professional manner befitting a judicial institution. They are mindful of the human aspect involved in interactions with individuals dealing with the Court.

Services are administered fairly, impartially, and equitably, irrespective of race, creed, color, or gender, reflecting the foundational principle of a “Rule of Law” rather than a rule of individuals.

The Jasper County Probate Court endeavors to execute its mandates in a manner that upholds honor and justice for the county’s citizens, leaders, and the broader state and federal court systems. It aims to maintain a positive reputation for administering its agency and providing meaningful public service.

Its guiding principles include delivering professional public service with civility, fostering a “user-friendly” environment.


  • Judge Albert Kleckley, Jr.

Location & Contact Information

306 3rd Ave
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Phone: 843-726-7718



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