Nursing homes and assisted-living homes promise a standard of care and living that they often fail to provide. Rather than receiving the kindness and respect elders deserve, residents are sometimes subjected to abuse, neglect and even assault. Nursing home neglect and abuse can result in serious injuries, and unfortunately, often prove to be fatal.

Since 1996, the Beaufort nursing home neglect attorneys at the McDougall LawFirm have fought on behalf of the victims of nursing home abuse. We are passionate about the practice of elder law and we work with determination to protect senior citizens.

If you believe your loved one is showing signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, demand answers from the nursing home or assisted-living facility. The McDougall LawFirm can help you get answers. We will work to put an end to the abuse and get compensation and justice for the wrongs suffered by your loved one. Call us at 843.379.7000 or contact us online.

Fighting All Forms of Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse in Hilton Head and Beaufort

We represent seniors who have suffered serious injuries and the families of those who have died due to neglect or physical assault at a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Neglect can take many forms, including:

  • Poor supervision, resulting in residents falling, wandering off, or choking.
  • Failure to provide proper nutrition, resulting in malnutrition or dehydration.
  • Failure to monitor a medical condition or provide timely medical treatment.
  • Failure to maintain safe and sanitary conditions, resulting in infections, bed sores and sepsis.

South Carolina law, as well as federal law, requires that nursing homes comply with very strict standards of care and keep detailed records of the care they provide to their residents. When those standards are not met, the elderly are put in danger. If you are concerned about the way your loved one is being treated in the nursing home, we can help.

We will thoroughly investigate your case. If we determine that your loved one has suffered from abuse or neglect in a nursing home or assisted-living facility, we will take direct, aggressive action to recover full and fair compensation for any injuries sustained.

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