Walterboro Municipal Court

The Walterboro Municipal Court Judge is appointed by the City Council for two-year terms starting in July. Currently, Morrison Payne serves as the Municipal Judge, overseeing both traffic court and jury trials.

In Judge Payne’s absence, Deborah Kane, the Associate Municipal Judge, conducts bond hearings and manages other court duties. Additionally, Judge Timothy Rowe serves as the Assistant Bond Judge.


The objective of the Judicial Department is to establish a constitutional and statutory framework for enforcing traffic violations, municipal ordinance breaches, and State misdemeanors designated as offenses against the City of Walterboro.

To fulfill this mission, the Judicial Department oversees the operations of the Walterboro Municipal Court by:

  • Offering knowledgeable and supportive assistance to both defendants and plaintiffs.
  • Ensuring that warrants of arrest are only issued after establishing probable cause to support the warrant.
  • Safeguarding individuals from being deprived of their liberty or property without due process of law.
  • Providing court administration to ensure that all individuals appearing before the Court are treated impartially and have their rights protected as outlined in the United States Constitution, the South Carolina Constitution, and relevant ordinances and statutes.


  • Judge Morrison Payne
  • Associate Judge Deborah Kane O’Quinn
  • Associate Bond Judge Timothy Rowe

Location & Contact Information

300 Hampton St
Walterboro, SC 29488

Phone: 843-782-1000



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