How to Gather Evidence after a Car Accident in Beaufort

Car Accident Evidence

One of the most important aspects in a car crash case is proving that the other driver was more at fault than you for the accident. To do this, a Beaufort car accident lawyer needs solid evidence. While the police will do their duty in investigating the crash and preparing a detailed report, you should also try to gather and preserve as much car accident evidence as possible.

Here are some helpful tips for doing this.

1. Take Photos and Videos at the Accident Scene

You should start documenting the crash scene before the police officers arrive and move the vehicles out of the way. Thus, you will be able to capture the exact position of both vehicles immediately after the crash, as well as other important elements, such as:

  • Skid marks
  • Damages to your vehicle (both inside and outside)
  • Debris and other obstacles on the road.

At the same time, remember to take photos of your injuries, as well as of any traffic signs and signals in the area. To make your photos and videos more relevant, always include a landmark (such as a tree or a building) in the images to evaluate distances and scale.

2. Find Eyewitnesses and Ask for Their Contact Details

Eyewitnesses are extremely valuable in a car crash claim. Not only will their statements confirm your version of the event, but they may also provide car accident evidence. Many people take out their phones and photograph or make a video immediately after an accident or other out-of-the-ordinary event.

Some people taking vacation photos and videos may capture the entire accident with their cameras or mobile phones.

3. Look for CCTV Cameras in the Area

Your Beaufort auto accident attorney may need more evidence than the one you managed to capture in photos and videos. And the best kind of evidence is a video recording of the crash.

This could be available from a traffic camera or a CCTV camera installed on a commercial or residential property. Using their credentials, your lawyer will be able to obtain the footage and use it to prove the other driver’s fault.

Since South Carolina uses a modified comparative negligence rule in car accidents, you must show that you were 50% or less at fault to have the legal right to seek damages.

Woman calling a Beaufort car accident lawyer after a crash

4. Get the Other Driver’s Insurance and License Plate Information

When you start taking photos of the crash scene, start with the other driver’s car, focusing on the license plate. Some drivers believe that they can get away with fleeing the accident scene before the police officers arrive.

If the driver decides to act reasonably and remain at the scene, you should exchange contact and insurance information with them. Remember to refrain from accusing them or admitting fault. A few words said in the heat of the moment may compromise your case.

5. Preserve All Car Accident Evidence Carefully

Finally, any piece of evidence you managed to collect should be kept safe and remain intact until both your lawyer and the other driver’s insurance company can examine it.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Store any physical evidence in Ziploc bags and write the place, date, and time on the bag
  • Do not modify or edit photos and videos in any way – including cropping, changing contrast or brightness
  • Store digital files in several locations, including a secure cloud storage service
  • Do not attempt to clean or repair clothing or valuables damaged in the accident.

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