The Workers' Compensation system was established to provide benefits for covered workers who suffered injuries in work-related accidents. However, workers' compensation insurance companies have a vested interest in minimizing the benefits they provide to you, the injured employee. The workers compensation attorneys at McDougall LawFirm, LLC know the details play a major role in fair compensation.

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you should speak with a workers comp lawyer at the McDougall LawFirm who can review your case. Without skilled legal representation, you most likely will not receive the medical treatment and financial benefits you deserve. Not only will this negatively affect you and your family now, it will most likely cause life-long problems.

Contact the McDougall LawFirm, LLC for a free consultation to determine if you need aggressive, effective representation in your workers' compensation claim.

Workers Comp Lawyers In Hilton Head, Beaufort and Bluffton Getting the Benefits You Deserve

Our firm has been helping injured people obtain compensation since 1996. At the McDougall LawFirm, LLC, we understand the complexities of workers' compensation law. We work tenaciously to secure all of the Workers' Compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

Workers' compensation claims are unique in that you do not know the true value of your case until near the end of the claim. For example, what seems to be a simple back strain can actually turn into a serious permanent disability. As initial medical care may not reveal the full extent of an injury, The McDougall LawFirm can arrange for you to get the additional medical and other examinations necessary to accurately identify the extent of your injuries and limitations and any resulting disabilities.

Do not take chances with your health. The McDougall LawFirm, LLC will work to get you the medical care, rehabilitation services and benefits you deserve.

Third-Party Claims

If your accident was caused by a third party, such as a subcontractor or contractor, an at fault driver or a defective product, you may have a third-party claim, or additional personal injury claim. An on-the-job vehicle accident caused by someone who does not work for your employer most likely will also create a third-party or personal injury claim.

In these types of cases, you can get compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, in addition to money for your medical costs and lost wages and disability to which you are entitled under the Workers' Compensation laws.

The McDougall LawFirm, LLC has extensive experience in these combined workers' compensation / third-party claims and in cases involving very serious injuries. We will work to maximize the compensation you receive from all sources.

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